Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (APKGK)

I am no big fan of Katrina Kaif. Infact I majorly despise her. So when she makes a fool of herself on screen, I have little problems. But it pierces my heart when Ranbir Kapoor, an extremely gifted actor, plays a role that is cheap, third grade and badly etched.

APKGK is a film that outrightly insults your intelligence. It makers have clearly made the film with the assumption that any bunkum storyline will sell, as long as it is supported by pretty faces. Which, by the way, is sadly true for our country. The very premise of this film is so clichéd that it immediately makes you think “Hey isn’t this what we used to see in THOSE films ?” [Those, here, refers to those unbelievably silly films of early 90s where hero used to chase the girl, only to win her in the end. And yes, you knew all along that he would win her.]

The bare thread holding the movie together that the filmmakers have very conveniently called its ‘storyline’ goes as follows : Prem (Ranbir Kapoor) is a good for nothing fellow who is the president of “Happy Club”. The members of this club keep themselves occupied by kidnapping girls and handing them over to their lovers, apart from making the neighbourhood a living hell. Prem falls in love with Jenny the clichéd good-girl-next-door who studies, obeys her parents and… voila ! Is an Orphan. How original !

Now to woo her Prem must mend his ways. He must work hard, start being honest, give time to his family. And so begins Prem’s Pati Parivartan.

The film makers have employed every possible comic cliché used in the history of BollyWood. As a result, the humour is largely yellow, loud and very senseless. The actors are the worst let down. Supremely talented actors like Darshan Zariwala and Smita Jaykar have been wasted in thankless roles. But the biggest disappointment is Ranbir. Such Buffoonery ! He will have to work very [Like V E R Y] hard in his next to conceal if not remove this blot on his career. But for the powerhouse of talent he is, I’d like to grant him that chance. As for Katrina, no regrets. I mean this is the most I expect of her. But Ranbir ?!?

The makers have called this the next Andaz Apna Apna. In reality, APKGK lacks what made Andaz Apna Apna a cult film- Class.

The film has Crap written all over it. Nothing can save it. Nothing.

Rating- 1/5. (Such Trash !)


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  2. well.. if u dnt knw everyone is praising ranbir for his role in APKGK... he was really good in d movie... i know dere is too much of overacting but d movie is nice! and katrina was really good.. i hve nevr seen her in such a comic avtar. plus d songs r mindblowing. there aint no way the movie's gng down baby!! and its nt a trash.

  3. Rating.. 1 ???
    thats so unfair!! are u like jealous of Kat ??
    she's looking soooooooooo very (like VERY) beautiful,sweet (not sexy) , cute ,adorable in the movie .. Ankita has already commented about Ranbir...
    @ Shagun- We need an explanation madam! Ho kya raha hai ? Ranbir k sapne aanelage hain kya?? Manjra kya hai?

  4. well shagun as , as u have not seen the entire film, u have no right to give it just one atleast deserved 2 , coz the second half was quite bearable. and the songs and their cinematography(specially tu jane na...which u missed ) were mindblowing and i think there were patches where raj ku,mar santoshi has given a very fresh look to the i really feel that it isnt that bad............