Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (APKGK)

I am no big fan of Katrina Kaif. Infact I majorly despise her. So when she makes a fool of herself on screen, I have little problems. But it pierces my heart when Ranbir Kapoor, an extremely gifted actor, plays a role that is cheap, third grade and badly etched.

APKGK is a film that outrightly insults your intelligence. It makers have clearly made the film with the assumption that any bunkum storyline will sell, as long as it is supported by pretty faces. Which, by the way, is sadly true for our country. The very premise of this film is so clichéd that it immediately makes you think “Hey isn’t this what we used to see in THOSE films ?” [Those, here, refers to those unbelievably silly films of early 90s where hero used to chase the girl, only to win her in the end. And yes, you knew all along that he would win her.]

The bare thread holding the movie together that the filmmakers have very conveniently called its ‘storyline’ goes as follows : Prem (Ranbir Kapoor) is a good for nothing fellow who is the president of “Happy Club”. The members of this club keep themselves occupied by kidnapping girls and handing them over to their lovers, apart from making the neighbourhood a living hell. Prem falls in love with Jenny the clichéd good-girl-next-door who studies, obeys her parents and… voila ! Is an Orphan. How original !

Now to woo her Prem must mend his ways. He must work hard, start being honest, give time to his family. And so begins Prem’s Pati Parivartan.

The film makers have employed every possible comic cliché used in the history of BollyWood. As a result, the humour is largely yellow, loud and very senseless. The actors are the worst let down. Supremely talented actors like Darshan Zariwala and Smita Jaykar have been wasted in thankless roles. But the biggest disappointment is Ranbir. Such Buffoonery ! He will have to work very [Like V E R Y] hard in his next to conceal if not remove this blot on his career. But for the powerhouse of talent he is, I’d like to grant him that chance. As for Katrina, no regrets. I mean this is the most I expect of her. But Ranbir ?!?

The makers have called this the next Andaz Apna Apna. In reality, APKGK lacks what made Andaz Apna Apna a cult film- Class.

The film has Crap written all over it. Nothing can save it. Nothing.

Rating- 1/5. (Such Trash !)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Zealand : Through the eyes of a Workaholic.


Last 2 weeks there has been zero contact between us - taking the partial blame and not laying down the numerous reasons behind why it happened, I thought let me just tell u about the wonderful trip that I had to Coromandel -

We left early Saturday from Auckland - two cars, 9 people - amazing drive, beautiful scenery, pleasant sun and surprisingly no cloud or rain in was nice to take a well-deserved break from the madness at work - while the CD player non-chalantly played out hummable bollywood numbers...we cruised along the southern-eastern motorway towards Thames...a country town....

In about 15 minutes from Auckland all we could see all around was just meadows, streams, livestock and far spread country homes....not a soul in sight....except a few cars on the motorway...Point be noted - in NZ the man:cattle :: 1:5 !!

Thames was amazing....imagine small houses....with stream in the backyard and a green picturesque mountain beyond that stream.....roads though small and winding were well laid speed breakers, potholes!

After Thames, the rest of the drive - in one word was divine! Sea on the left and mountain on the right.....Kishore Kumar did the rest :) .... "Musafir hun yaroo.....!" well it could not have been more apt for a bunch of BAs working for a project in the far away land of NZ....(BTW its not that bad!)

We stopped on the outskirts of Thames to admire and click the beauty of the sea....envious of the locals who are living in a place worth dying for, we chose to bite our way into some nice homemade crispies (Thanks to Neha - better half of our LEGEND), nut bars, biscuits and washed it down with some juice.....burp!!

Resuming our journey was a difficult decision (place was beautiful...but this was just a start)...'virgin' NZ never looked so vibrant, mesmerizing and inviting :P....

If the Sea was calming....hills were humbling....mother nature had surely thought of decorating NZ as its own home...NZ govt surely had a tough time deciding on the scenic lookouts....we a bunch of 'IT geeks' if given a chance would have labelled the whole mountain as one big scenic lookout....Cameras went into an overdrive.....every turn revealed a better view....misty valleys, distant islands, shinning ponds, green grass, cows (even they looked photogenic) Saran paji will put it...."Mind Blowing"!

Surprisingly and with a mixed emotions of thankfully (I still think it ended too soon!)....we reached Coromandal and our motel....the motel was easy to locate (pheeww...)..not empathising with the cruel and highly lop-sided male to female ratio that our project has...the ladies at the motel thought we will be all couples (guy-girl or guy-guy)....7 guys surely made them think on a lazy Saturday morning...with a packet of milk each (for tea and we entered our rooms .... luckily they were way better than what we had expected (so was deciding on the room

By 12 noon - everyone was just dying to take a dip in the Pacific....engines roared again and the stop was Long way was a matter of minutes before everyone either went off for either kayaking, din in the ocean or both....warm sun...slight breeze was inviting and no one really cared for a really cold water....except a few sporadic incidents where the body refused to accept the beauty and revolted against the cold water (AD and MB can vouch for it)...the experience was awesome!

All the body needed now was some nice food...NZ green lip mussels and wonderful pasta (for the thankful veggies!) did the music was overshadowed by the LOUD and now rejuvenated BE team (VP...mixed like salt in water)...admiring the beauty all around - this time it was the waitresses....

Overruling the objections against Laphroaig...MB set out to buy one..democracy prevailed...only to be vetoed by MB himself (his treat after all)....and he bought the much required tonic that the whole team would love to consume at night...details later!

The pack...equipped with maps...rushed towards 'Hot water beach'...

Rest to follow.

Contributed by:

Abhay Mohan| Business Analyst - Retail NGT

L14, Telecom House, 8 Hereford Street, Auckland, NZ


Friday, October 23, 2009

End of the Beginning.

Ever felt like something very precious is being taken away from you, but you don't know what ? You feel a sense of loss, a huge void inside you, like a vast hollow with millions of tiny voices crying for help. How do you find the answer to an undefined problem ?

Life's sick. It's one helluva bitch. It will always bring you to crossroads, where it will test your traits of resoluteness. It is always easy to figure out the good from back, the black will always separate itself from the white. But how do you find the best among equals. Can goodness be quantified ? And the biggest question of them, who attends to these ramblings of the confused, ever-seeking mind ?

Its ironic, rather cruel that the very elements of existence that give you happiness- make your life worth living- become your nemesis. The people, objects, moments we treasure become our weakness, driving us to point of no return, where it becomes difficult to disconnect.

At the end, the futility of the situation stares you in the face. Jeers at your innocence, mocks at your naivety, the 'knew-I-would-catch-you-here' look in its eyes, making you cringe with embarrassment. You hate your self for your vulnerability.

All Good things come to an end. If only..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wake Up Sid.

Wake Up Bollywood, to Ayan Mukherji, the new creative kid on the block. The debutante director is among the current crop of young, 20 something Bollywood directors who have brought about a wave of refreshing and new cinema which clearly reflects in his movie.

Wake Up Sid is essentially about this happy-go-lucky guy Sidharth (Ranbir Kapoor) whose sole aim in life is to continue splurging on his dad's money. In stark contrast is Konkana Sen Sharma's character ,Aisha Banerjee, who is focused, independent and mettlesome. Ranbir Kapoor is absolutely flawless as the good for nothing-sweet-immature-Bombay [with all due respect to the Thackeray's] loving guy. He is real, simple and believable. Konkana delivers yet another stellar performance as the Kolkata bred girl who comes to Mumbai to carve an identity for herself. WUS is very unlike your regular popcorn romcom movies. Instead of treating the love story as a highly complicated young-man-older-woman relationship, Wake Up Sid manages to simplify it for us, making it easy on the mind and richly entertaining. It dwells into the nature of many other relationships - those with our parents, friends and neighbours too, to an extent :). And that’s what makes Wake Up Sid different from the usual coming-of-age films.

Each and every character is neatly etched out. Right from the college geek Debbie, to the sultry babe next door [ideally played by Kashmeera Shah], the close friend Lakshmi who is blessed with abundant amounts of love, care and well, fat. Worth a mention is Rahul Khanna as the quintessential, jazz-loving editor[He's gorgeous by the way ;)]. It's high time he got full fledged roles rather than sidey characters [read Love Aaj Kal]. Not to forget, Sid's parents- played by Supriya Pathak and Anupam Kher are superb in their rags-to-riches avatar. But, the script is the hero, WITHOUT A DOUBT. Also, hard to miss is the awe inspiring art direction of the movie. Great shots, amazing landscapes and superb decor's - a treat for the eyes. Kudos to the creative heads *thumbs up*

The music is soulful and goes with the essence of the movie. Majorly used as background scores, it saves you from the typical song and dance routines, with an exception of the promotional video, OBVIOUSLY. All in all, a great entertainer...WUS will make you want to fall in love :)

Do not miss!

Rating- 4/5

Guest Review by Jigeesha Nayyar.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I'd like to inform you all that I won't be associated with this blog anymore.
S and I started this blog together because she wanted someone to be with her in her first blog, and both of us are really passionate about movies.
These two months with the blog were a nice and different experience.
From now, S will continue with the blog alone...

And this is for all my friends on Facebook, Orkut and all my followers on twitter--
It was really nice having your love and support all this while..
Thanks a lot! I'll be back ..some other time,some other place ....

It’s all said and done, it’s real, and it’s been fun.
So, good bye all....
"The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning." ~Ivy Baker Priest


Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Bore is your Rashee!!

Some films are meant to go down the drain just the same way as they came. But when that film happens to be directed by someone you admire, and stars someone you admire EVEN more, you cant help but feel a tinge of sadness. What’s your Rashee is one of those films that you wont forget watching ever.. Simply because the overwhelming regret of committing the blunder wont let you.

The basic plot is that a calamity befalls upon the Patel family as their older son has borrowed crores of rupees from some Bhais and must pay it back or else the inevitable (Read: Casualties in the family) will happen. To save the family from doom, the younger son- Yogesh Patel (Hurman Patel), a suave MBA graduate n Part Time DJ residing in the US is summoned back to India. Yogesh only must redeem his folks as he is meant to inherit a handsome amount from his grandmother on getting hitched.

So a reluctant Yogesh goes out on a bride-hunt and decides to meet 12 Gujju girls, one of each Zodiac. Because there are only 12 types of girls, he says (Bizarre for an Ivy League graduate, don’t you think ??). And yes PC plays all 12 of them.

Criticising a film like What’s Your Rashee is easy and taxing at the same time. Easy because there is so much to criticise. And taxing because there is oh-SO-never-ending-much to criticise. The plot of the film is ridiculous to say the least. It is apt for a soap starting with any damn letter of the alphabet, not just K. But put it on the silver screen and from the start to the end, it spells Torture. Hurman sleep-walks through the film. Amrita Rao in Vivaah emotes more than Hurman. The Priyanka you came to see in this film is buried deep under the massive weight of the 12 annoying characters she is given to play. Not one of them is the kinds you would see, or even want to see in the real world. (The thought terrifies me. If I had to contend with even one of those characters in real life, I would strangulate them to death.) They sing, dance, make faces, do absurd things in the name of acting for no friggin reason. AVOID !!

I am devoting a whole paragraph to the length of the film because it adds to the misery so badly. 3 and a half hours long ! Did Ashutosh Gowarikar forget somewhere in the middle that its meant to be a Romantic Comedy and not Mahabharata ? This is what happens when you try to act too much genius.

All in all, the movie is a disaster from the word go. The number of times I glanced my watch during the film, waiting for the agony to end, is more than the number of reasons I can think of, for watching a film like this.

What’s your logic, Ashutosh ? Ye toh bata do na. :P

Rating- 1/5 (0.5 for Priyanka and Hurman each)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dil Bole Hadippa!!

Dil Bole Hadippa, this week’s big release, is the story of a feisty Punjabi Kudi, Veera Kaur (Rani Mukherjee) who eats, breathes and lives cricket. But her village has no Girls’ cricket team so that gives her very little chance to play. Her ultimate dream is to bring glory to her Pind by playing against the Pakistanis in the Aman Cup, a friendly cricket tournament organized by two best friends- Liaqat Ali from Pakistan and Vikram Kapoor (Played by Anupam Kher) from India. After facing defeat for 7 years straight, Vikram summons his son-Rohan from England (Shahid Kapoor) to lead the team and infuse the much needed spirit. Rohan conducts selections for the team, which Veera takes to be her golden chance. So she dons the attire of a man, in order to be able to play. Veera, becomes Veer Pratap Singh. And hence, the confusion begins.

DBH is one of those Great Indian Potboilers. It stands for all things archetypically Indian. Like London returned guy falling in love with the Desi Kudi (Yawwwn...) , Village girl going on to prove her detractors wrong, the Father asking his Son to fulfil his sapna, a Rakhi Sawant Item number, a song after every few minutes, the whole 'Ik Onkar Satnam' playing everytime Rani comes to bat (!!) , even a “Rani -Jhansi-can-do-it-why-cant-I" speech at the end ( Lol).…..the list is endless. Infact the village where DBH is based, is the one that you have seen in (COUNTLESS ) squared number of films. DDLJ,Veer Zara, Namaste London, Singh is King…For god’s sake, why cant we have a different setting ? The film has nothing to offer in terms of originality, the plots and the concept is done to death. The matches are shoddy, they lack the finesse and thrill of Chak De or Lagaan. While cricket could have been the high point of the film, it slips into the background in the second half when the focus shifts on their love angle.

Well.. before you conclude.. there’s a bright side too. The film’s entertaining to the extent that it gives value for money. Its funny in parts. Particular scenes stand out.. like the one where Veera is taken to the Men’s room forcefully. Rani is endearing, to say the least. And Rakhi’s overshot expectations, whatever little is there of her, it makes for pleasant viewing. After the Dev Ds and Kamineys, its kind of refreshing to have a family entertainer which doesn’t require you to expend your intellect but just enjoy the ride.. however senseless it may be. Rani’s comic timing is perfect, though her dialogue delivery is a little irritating at times. Shahid is pushing the envelope with every film. He might not have given an Oscar Winning performance here but it is better than what the so called Rulers of Bollywood (SRK, Akshay Kumar etc) do.

If only the cliches did not so much outweigh the goodness of the film, we could have had a decent caper at hand. Dil Bole Hadippa is STANDARD Bollywood. And sorry to say but we have had decades of it.

Rating- 2/5

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Been long since you watched a good rom com ? Your wait ends right here. The Ugly Truth is a fine romantic comedy which is honestly likeable. The film addresses the decades old ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’ issue with a delightful sassiness that makes you chuckle on more than one occasion.

The film is essentially the story of Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl), a TV producer who is a disaster at relationships because she cant get out of her mind the image of a perfect-guy-in-white-tuxedo approaching her. While Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler- Mmm. Drool. Slurrp !) is the no-nonsense love guru who batoes his gyaan on this TV show called The Ugly Truth. Their lives cross when Abby’s channel ropes in Mike to appear on one of their shows much to the producer Abby Sexist-and-proud-of-it Richter’s chagrin.What happens next is predictable. A roller coaster ride for Richter as the irresistable Mike Chadway woos her.. making her come to terms with the fact, that perfect men remain a figment of imagination.

Admittedly, The Ugly Truth has very little to offer in terms originality. The plot is interesting, although the concept s beaten to death. Yet what strikes is the freshness of treatment. It may be old wine in new bottle but if the new bottle is the delicious Gerard Butler, you don’t care much for the wine ! Yes ladies, Gerard’s the show stealer all the way, giving the film its finest moments. When he says those corny-to-the-hilt lines to Abby, you begin to wish you were the butt of his jokes. Katherine is poor man’s Reese Witherspoon. Tryin hard, but not quite there. The film’s editing is a little flawed. 15 minutes shorter would have been just fine.

Wondering what remains worth watching ? It’s the chemistry. The battle of the sexes. Which is adorable to say the least. The film’s climax has an intense lovemaking scene. Just the right exit. The film may not be intellectually stimulating. But then it doesn’t claim to be one. Watch it for the simplicity and fresh off-the-mark humour.

PS- Ladies, if you have your basics right [Read: A healthy appetite for good looking, charming, great talking men.. and of course, a straight orientation :P], there is no way Gerard Butler won’t leave you wet… With Drool. ;) :D :D

Rating: 3/5



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our posts selected by Hindustan Times and Blog Adda

There was a time when we made this blog, and deleted it in 3 days, because of various reasons.
But one fine day, both of us decided to re-open the blog, and we posted two articles on the same day itself!
After that, we never looked back!

We're happy to inform you two things.
First, our posts "Ambitions. Or The Lack of it. " Part 1 and Part 2 have been selected for this week's Tangy Tuesday posts by Blog Adda (i.e.-- top 5 blog posts of the week)
Check it out here-

We submitted our review of Kaminey to Hindustan Times online, and they selected our review in their TOP 5 reviews!
And it is featured on their website now!!
This feels like a great achievement for us! Both of us are happy, and motivated to come up with good stuff in future as well!!
Not sounding like any oscar speech, we'd just like to thank all of you out there, who encouraged us by following the blog, or posting comments, or even visiting it!!
Please keep visiting the blog, and commenting on our posts. Tell us, whether you like it, or you don’t? Also, your opinions about the things we discuss here.
Thanks again people!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


There are directors. And there is Vishal Bhardwaj. Few directors in Bollywood can claim to match Vishal Bhardwaj’s insight of human psyche. Every film of his explores a singular emotion in a gamut of situations. While Makdee explored Fear.. Omkara was an abstraction on jealousy, Blue Umbrella- innocence and so on. Kaminey, Vishal’s latest direction, is a film on meanness. It takes a nosedive into the deepest, darkest crevices of the human brain-where no bad is bad enough.. Where relationships have lost their significance..where social give-and-take is a transaction…

Kaminey is essentially a film about twin brothers Guddu and Charlie. One stammers, the other lisps. Guddu is the honest fellow. He has a job, a girlfriend, middle class dreams. All well. Charlie is a small time crook who indulges in small crimes like fixing races, petty thievery etc. But he dreams big. Both lead individual lives, separated by a childhood tragedy. Their lives come together when Charlie catches hold of a guitar hiding drugs worth millions. Here, the comedy of errors begins.. the brothers being confused for each other and all. Add to it- a pregnant girlfriend, a Bal Thackeray spoof politician, a race fixing company, drug mafia, corrupt policemen. Since the plot is so convoluted, it is difficult to put it further in text.

Kaminey strikes the right note on all aspects. The plot is intriguing.. It takes you to the thick of the action without wasting much time. Before interval, the screen time is spent introducing parallel characters (The number of characters is mindboggling). The plot thickens post interval. As more and more parallel stories come into the picture, the film moves at a breakneck speed. It is a part satire, as it makes a mockery out of the Maharashtra-UP issue...and how our politicians use issues like these for personal vendetta. The cinematographer too succeeds in laying the dark underbelly of Mumbai bare in front of the audience.

But the life of the film lies in its characters. Each one of them is.. needless to say.. one big Kamina. Shahid effortlessly portrays the dual roles, proving all his detractors wrong who say that he is not mature enough to play the single lead. Priyanka, as the firebrand Sweety is the girl next door with loads of tadka ! She plays the role with such conviction that it is difficult to imagine someone else playing it. Watch her in that scene where she comes out and shouts..”Toh kya rape kiya hai maine tumhara ?” That one scene singularly brings out Priyanka’s prowess as an actress. The film crackles with her presence. The way she has enthused life in her character is outstanding. Amol Gupte, as the too-big-for-his-shoes local politician is funnily menacing. A special word of mention for Chandan Sanyal, the guy who plays Mikhail. He brings that sexy edge-that tashan to his character. And it rocks!

In the age of reality television, where ‘mean’ had taken a different meaning altogether..Kaminey brings a fresh connotation to it,one that hits closer home. The music is great and used at just the right places. All in all.. it is a must watch for all those who think they have fed enough on mindless flicks to watch some real cinema. This one will bring your faith back!

A word of caution- The plot is a little confusing, with many characters.Make sure you carry your brains with you. This one makes you think!

Rating- 4/5

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ambitions. Or the lack of it.

I had a fight with my mother today. Nothing new about it… Except that this one had me thinking. We fought over same old shit.. She thinks I have no aim in life, that I waste my time loitering around on the net.. that I am not at all ambitious.. and blah-blah and blah. She generally raises this issue once in a week. And gets invariably the same reaction from me everytime .. That don’t worry, I will figure out soon what I really want to do. Not this time.. This time.. I conceded that she is actually right. That I really have no idea what I wanna do with my life. I have agreed to prepare for CAT.. But deep inside I know the sound of MBA pisses me off. Well not just because I think it’s the most clichéd thing in the world to do.. But also because.. well.. it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.

I tried to convince her that I could drop a year.. and prepare for more than one thing.. Like I believe it is wokable if I prepare for CAT and Mass Comm simultaneously (after dropping a year, that is. I can never.. like NEVER give up that faint little hope of becoming a journo some day.) My mother blew me up on this. Her argument: 1.) Why on earth do you keep insisting on dropping a year when everybody else is doing it without dropping a year. [Breaking News: I am not everybody.] 2.) CAT and Mass Comm ! How the hell can you do two things together ? You need to focus on one thing to excel in it ! [Maa.. I am dropping a year, I am goin to have relatively more time at my disposal.]
3.) Why do you want to do Mass Comm in the first place ?!? [As if you haven’t known this all along.. As if you are stranger to the fact that one must do what he/she loves doing.. and not necessarily that which fetches more money]

Its true I am yet to decide what I have to do with my life.. Kill me for it ?? My own life is one big mess.. My decisions leave me flustered, red faced with embarrassment. I always end up leaving the more important things on others to do.. Because I fear I might not do it right. And I should do an MBA ? Manage things, make decisions for others.. when my own life is controlled by external forces ?!?

A lot of times I am asked.. How do you see yourself 5 years down the line ? I tell myself.. Regretful. Inspite of everything.. I kinda know I will be doing an MBA or its financially prosperous equivalent. I spent my summers teaching kids.. and I confess I loved every bit of it. I realized I had a flair for teaching.. It came as naturally to me as talking to myself. And the response was great. The kids were equally receptive. My ultimate fantasy also happens to be among adorable 2 years olds.. and watch them grow. Does that mean I want to be a Primary school Teacher ? Hell, yes ! Even as I write this, I can feel the pangs of guilt biting into my conscience. My mother.. will nothing short of explode on hearing this. “Are you out of your mind ? Who becomes a Primary School Teacher for god’s sake ?” [ I do. You have a problem ? Too bad.]

I plan to start my MBA preparation is January 2010. And I promise Maa.. that I will give it my best shot. Certainly, wont let you down there. But what I cant promise.. is whether I will be happy doing it. Not that it matters, anyway.



Monday, August 3, 2009

The Hangover

The Hangover is a story of four guys who head to LA for a drugs-sex-rock n roll romp a day before one of the friends is getting married. They wake up the next morning to find a Tiger in the bathroom, a baby in the closet.. one of the friends has a missing tooth and the groom-to-be is nowhere to be found ! Needless to say.. none of the guys has an inkling to what transpired the night before. With a handful of clues.. they set out to put together the events of a night that never seem to have happened !!

The best part about The Hangover is it is so effortless. The actors fit into their roles seamlessly. The characters are so well etched that you can instantly relate to them. The jokes are smart.. not the ones that leave you looking for meaning but the ones that make you go ohh-shit-why-didn’t-i-think-of-it ! The comedy is on a roll ! There isn’t a single scene which doesn’t leave you smirking atleast. It gets a little drudged in bits.. but because the pace is so quick, it leaves you with no time to get bored. All in all.. The IDEAL weekend flick to watch with a couple of buddies.

It is little gems like these that make me say Bollywood needs to upgrade BIG TIME ! And not until we see such films do we realize what we are missing on.. Pure Unadulterated Fun- minus the rona dhona and love angles. (Unnecessary to say the least !)

The film also boasts of little scenes which are nothing short of Priceless ! Like the Wedding scene. It is absolutely hilarious. Or the one in which Mr Chow comes out of the car trunk and starts beating the friends. A special mention for Ken Jeong who plays Mr. Chow. You are unlikely to come across a funnier Chinese Gay Don. He is A D O R A B L E.

The Hangover is THE coolest flick this season. Miss it at your own risk..

Rating- 3.5 / 5

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Love Aaj Kal

Starring- Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan, Rishi Kapoor.

Love Aaj Kal is a self proclaimed modern take on love, commitment and relationships. It tries to mirror the dilemmas faced by today’s young couples who are caught at crossroads trying to figure out what comes first- Love or Career.

Saif Ali Khan is Jai , the uber-cool guy who has his heart set on the Golden Gate job which will take him to the US of A. While Deepika plays Meera.. a smart,independent chic who’s into designing frescoes. (No offence but whatever that means ?!?) They share a relationship of comfort.. One that involves loads of sex and unabashed kissing at public places. So much so .. That when the time comes for them to split, they have a break up party ! Enter.. Rishi Kapoor- The oldie with a golden heart. He tells Jai about his own love story which becomes Jai’s Bible. And he embarks on a journey to get back Meera into his life.

Love Aaj Kal fails to deliver because it tries too hard.There is such a desperate attempt to make the protagonist couple look real that it leaves them devoid of any emotions. The chemistry between Deepika and Saif is so thanda that you can almost feel the temperature drop a degree or two. Also there is no coherence in the screenplay. Scenes float in and out of view, without making sense. You almost feel like telling Imtiaz.. Dude stop being Anuraag Kashyap ! The only bright spot is the parallel plot involving Veer Singh and Harleen Kaur. It is delightful.. their old world charm brings a smile on your face. Though, the young Harleen Kaur looks so feeble that you want to stand from your seat and shake her up ! Where is the effervescence of Jab We Met’s Geet ??

Somepeople who have been thru similar relationships might identify with it. But give me Jab We Met’s simplicity and beauty anyday.

The film is disappointing from the word go. Nothing is right about it. Watch it for some pleasant landscaping and a few light scenes here and there.

That is, if you must.

Rating- 2/5

First Day, First Show

Hi.. This is S writing. The idea to start a blog together struck me sometime ago when R started a blog of his own. In an instant, it was the what-he-has-a-blog-!!-i-got-to-have-mine feeling. But what i also knew was that I cudnt possibly carry one on my own. I lacked the motivation to keep it going.. Yet I wanted to have one (blog) all the same. That is when I thought of the two of us writing it together.. And why not ? After all, we are best friends, we have a lot of time to waste.. And we are suckers for attention ! The next step was to decide what all do we write about.. N both of us had the answer ready- MOVIES ! Okay we love movies.. We could spend our lives discussing whether a particular movie deserves 3 stars or 4, shredding it into pieces in the process..

And the fact that we watched 7 (!!) movies in July alone provided us with further momentum. So here we go. I guess we will also be writing about general stuff like TV.. R,btw,happens to be an avid TV watcher. So do I.. Though my interest these days is limited to THE Swayamwar. We might also end up writing about our respective private lives.. My boyfriend.. and his now-on-now-off affair with T. T, btw, is the third in our group. R loves T... Though he will never.. Like NEVER admit it. But you should see the look on his face when he sees T indulging with other guys.. (AND T does a lot of it ! ;) ). I am in a steady relationship.. Though everybody around me refuses to believe that. But thats alright.. considering I am going to have the Final Laugh. That is one aspect of my life I could go on writing about.... Because it is so full of ups and downs.

I jus smirked at the thought of mentioning all that.. Suddenly I feel like writing a lot more about myself. Will have to work that out with R though. He is so used to being the Show Stealer that it is going to be difficult asking him for a little extra screen time. Lol..

Anyway, coming back to doing what we love doing the most.. We caught up on love aaj kal yesterday.. And here's our review for the same.