Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Day, First Show

Hi.. This is S writing. The idea to start a blog together struck me sometime ago when R started a blog of his own. In an instant, it was the what-he-has-a-blog-!!-i-got-to-have-mine feeling. But what i also knew was that I cudnt possibly carry one on my own. I lacked the motivation to keep it going.. Yet I wanted to have one (blog) all the same. That is when I thought of the two of us writing it together.. And why not ? After all, we are best friends, we have a lot of time to waste.. And we are suckers for attention ! The next step was to decide what all do we write about.. N both of us had the answer ready- MOVIES ! Okay we love movies.. We could spend our lives discussing whether a particular movie deserves 3 stars or 4, shredding it into pieces in the process..

And the fact that we watched 7 (!!) movies in July alone provided us with further momentum. So here we go. I guess we will also be writing about general stuff like TV.. R,btw,happens to be an avid TV watcher. So do I.. Though my interest these days is limited to THE Swayamwar. We might also end up writing about our respective private lives.. My boyfriend.. and his now-on-now-off affair with T. T, btw, is the third in our group. R loves T... Though he will never.. Like NEVER admit it. But you should see the look on his face when he sees T indulging with other guys.. (AND T does a lot of it ! ;) ). I am in a steady relationship.. Though everybody around me refuses to believe that. But thats alright.. considering I am going to have the Final Laugh. That is one aspect of my life I could go on writing about.... Because it is so full of ups and downs.

I jus smirked at the thought of mentioning all that.. Suddenly I feel like writing a lot more about myself. Will have to work that out with R though. He is so used to being the Show Stealer that it is going to be difficult asking him for a little extra screen time. Lol..

Anyway, coming back to doing what we love doing the most.. We caught up on love aaj kal yesterday.. And here's our review for the same.


  1. You're Mad! When I suggested last night, that go ahead and start ur personal blog, u rejected it.
    And now you're saying you want to write a lot more about yourself?
    Confused, you are...
    Btw, I DO NOT LOVE T!!!
    Stop spreading rumors publicly!

  2. WOW!
    Now this topic is something S go on and on..!!The topic in which u don't have to introspect.!
    & movies..Yea! u r too good at spitting out anything that goes against Deepika! :( No personal grievances m tellin u!

  3. nice work it!

  4. Hey R
    Evry1 Knws u LOOOVE 'T' so no use denying dat

  5. S is out of her senses, spreading rumors about me!!