Friday, September 25, 2009

Bore is your Rashee!!

Some films are meant to go down the drain just the same way as they came. But when that film happens to be directed by someone you admire, and stars someone you admire EVEN more, you cant help but feel a tinge of sadness. What’s your Rashee is one of those films that you wont forget watching ever.. Simply because the overwhelming regret of committing the blunder wont let you.

The basic plot is that a calamity befalls upon the Patel family as their older son has borrowed crores of rupees from some Bhais and must pay it back or else the inevitable (Read: Casualties in the family) will happen. To save the family from doom, the younger son- Yogesh Patel (Hurman Patel), a suave MBA graduate n Part Time DJ residing in the US is summoned back to India. Yogesh only must redeem his folks as he is meant to inherit a handsome amount from his grandmother on getting hitched.

So a reluctant Yogesh goes out on a bride-hunt and decides to meet 12 Gujju girls, one of each Zodiac. Because there are only 12 types of girls, he says (Bizarre for an Ivy League graduate, don’t you think ??). And yes PC plays all 12 of them.

Criticising a film like What’s Your Rashee is easy and taxing at the same time. Easy because there is so much to criticise. And taxing because there is oh-SO-never-ending-much to criticise. The plot of the film is ridiculous to say the least. It is apt for a soap starting with any damn letter of the alphabet, not just K. But put it on the silver screen and from the start to the end, it spells Torture. Hurman sleep-walks through the film. Amrita Rao in Vivaah emotes more than Hurman. The Priyanka you came to see in this film is buried deep under the massive weight of the 12 annoying characters she is given to play. Not one of them is the kinds you would see, or even want to see in the real world. (The thought terrifies me. If I had to contend with even one of those characters in real life, I would strangulate them to death.) They sing, dance, make faces, do absurd things in the name of acting for no friggin reason. AVOID !!

I am devoting a whole paragraph to the length of the film because it adds to the misery so badly. 3 and a half hours long ! Did Ashutosh Gowarikar forget somewhere in the middle that its meant to be a Romantic Comedy and not Mahabharata ? This is what happens when you try to act too much genius.

All in all, the movie is a disaster from the word go. The number of times I glanced my watch during the film, waiting for the agony to end, is more than the number of reasons I can think of, for watching a film like this.

What’s your logic, Ashutosh ? Ye toh bata do na. :P

Rating- 1/5 (0.5 for Priyanka and Hurman each)


  1. How could you go for the movie??
    I always believed that u were clinically sane ! Dont break my trust in you darling !!!

  2. Aftr reading ur comments lemme rate it:

    -5/5. priyanka should stop playng d protagonist n do sum item numbers instead.

  3. OMG~~~~it suks dat bad!!
    i was bout 2 go yesterday, but droppd d plan ....close cal!

  4. how could u even give it one n tht too anything more than zero to hurrman baweja?? n look my predictions were so close!!

  5. If you take my words, I found it a bit better than Dil bole Haddippa that makes it more than 2 stars atleast, this review seems too biased.

  6. yeah ,...ur review is xactly describing this long and li'l boring movie...!!