Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Been long since you watched a good rom com ? Your wait ends right here. The Ugly Truth is a fine romantic comedy which is honestly likeable. The film addresses the decades old ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’ issue with a delightful sassiness that makes you chuckle on more than one occasion.

The film is essentially the story of Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl), a TV producer who is a disaster at relationships because she cant get out of her mind the image of a perfect-guy-in-white-tuxedo approaching her. While Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler- Mmm. Drool. Slurrp !) is the no-nonsense love guru who batoes his gyaan on this TV show called The Ugly Truth. Their lives cross when Abby’s channel ropes in Mike to appear on one of their shows much to the producer Abby Sexist-and-proud-of-it Richter’s chagrin.What happens next is predictable. A roller coaster ride for Richter as the irresistable Mike Chadway woos her.. making her come to terms with the fact, that perfect men remain a figment of imagination.

Admittedly, The Ugly Truth has very little to offer in terms originality. The plot is interesting, although the concept s beaten to death. Yet what strikes is the freshness of treatment. It may be old wine in new bottle but if the new bottle is the delicious Gerard Butler, you don’t care much for the wine ! Yes ladies, Gerard’s the show stealer all the way, giving the film its finest moments. When he says those corny-to-the-hilt lines to Abby, you begin to wish you were the butt of his jokes. Katherine is poor man’s Reese Witherspoon. Tryin hard, but not quite there. The film’s editing is a little flawed. 15 minutes shorter would have been just fine.

Wondering what remains worth watching ? It’s the chemistry. The battle of the sexes. Which is adorable to say the least. The film’s climax has an intense lovemaking scene. Just the right exit. The film may not be intellectually stimulating. But then it doesn’t claim to be one. Watch it for the simplicity and fresh off-the-mark humour.

PS- Ladies, if you have your basics right [Read: A healthy appetite for good looking, charming, great talking men.. and of course, a straight orientation :P], there is no way Gerard Butler won’t leave you wet… With Drool. ;) :D :D

Rating: 3/5




  1., here we have lil contradictory views....well, if TOI is to be followed, they claim Abby to be the show stopper thruout the movie with a perfect blend of emotions that are poles apart. However handsome(sigh!) GB presents himself as....HIMSELF! the same raw and crude self.....
    i'll sign off sayin.....ya, its very subjective, offence! :->

  2. @Roopal- Hi. I generally dont reply to people's comments on reviews but cudnt help this time. The film's like more about Abby. It revolves around her. She is decent.. but her best is sadly not good enough. Not someone like Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon who have the knack of timing. GB on the other hand.. lights up the screen. Hence the difference.

    You are free to believe TOI if you want to. We at box office people lost faith way back. :)
    Thanks for the comment though.. Really appreciate it. <3

    @Apoorv- Sorry for the girly review (as someone pointed out.) Cudnt help it. ;)

  3. LOL!
    but S, aren't you the one always advocating that TOI reviews are all good except one or two?? (whenever I point out how wrong/exaggerated TOI reviews are!)
    Decide girl, take a stand!

  4. Yeah... but then I realized that most of the reviews in it are a bit exaggerated or misleading..
    You were right

  5. dude...the review I saw sed it was as many words...basically, tht its just very sexist. made me think of Kambakkht Ishq. but newa, i havnt read ur review, will read it after i watch it. :). as usual. lol. :D hehe.