Friday, October 23, 2009

End of the Beginning.

Ever felt like something very precious is being taken away from you, but you don't know what ? You feel a sense of loss, a huge void inside you, like a vast hollow with millions of tiny voices crying for help. How do you find the answer to an undefined problem ?

Life's sick. It's one helluva bitch. It will always bring you to crossroads, where it will test your traits of resoluteness. It is always easy to figure out the good from back, the black will always separate itself from the white. But how do you find the best among equals. Can goodness be quantified ? And the biggest question of them, who attends to these ramblings of the confused, ever-seeking mind ?

Its ironic, rather cruel that the very elements of existence that give you happiness- make your life worth living- become your nemesis. The people, objects, moments we treasure become our weakness, driving us to point of no return, where it becomes difficult to disconnect.

At the end, the futility of the situation stares you in the face. Jeers at your innocence, mocks at your naivety, the 'knew-I-would-catch-you-here' look in its eyes, making you cringe with embarrassment. You hate your self for your vulnerability.

All Good things come to an end. If only..

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  1. Well written...but u have confused me now! We need to talk...ASAP