Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wake Up Sid.

Wake Up Bollywood, to Ayan Mukherji, the new creative kid on the block. The debutante director is among the current crop of young, 20 something Bollywood directors who have brought about a wave of refreshing and new cinema which clearly reflects in his movie.

Wake Up Sid is essentially about this happy-go-lucky guy Sidharth (Ranbir Kapoor) whose sole aim in life is to continue splurging on his dad's money. In stark contrast is Konkana Sen Sharma's character ,Aisha Banerjee, who is focused, independent and mettlesome. Ranbir Kapoor is absolutely flawless as the good for nothing-sweet-immature-Bombay [with all due respect to the Thackeray's] loving guy. He is real, simple and believable. Konkana delivers yet another stellar performance as the Kolkata bred girl who comes to Mumbai to carve an identity for herself. WUS is very unlike your regular popcorn romcom movies. Instead of treating the love story as a highly complicated young-man-older-woman relationship, Wake Up Sid manages to simplify it for us, making it easy on the mind and richly entertaining. It dwells into the nature of many other relationships - those with our parents, friends and neighbours too, to an extent :). And that’s what makes Wake Up Sid different from the usual coming-of-age films.

Each and every character is neatly etched out. Right from the college geek Debbie, to the sultry babe next door [ideally played by Kashmeera Shah], the close friend Lakshmi who is blessed with abundant amounts of love, care and well, fat. Worth a mention is Rahul Khanna as the quintessential, jazz-loving editor[He's gorgeous by the way ;)]. It's high time he got full fledged roles rather than sidey characters [read Love Aaj Kal]. Not to forget, Sid's parents- played by Supriya Pathak and Anupam Kher are superb in their rags-to-riches avatar. But, the script is the hero, WITHOUT A DOUBT. Also, hard to miss is the awe inspiring art direction of the movie. Great shots, amazing landscapes and superb decor's - a treat for the eyes. Kudos to the creative heads *thumbs up*

The music is soulful and goes with the essence of the movie. Majorly used as background scores, it saves you from the typical song and dance routines, with an exception of the promotional video, OBVIOUSLY. All in all, a great entertainer...WUS will make you want to fall in love :)

Do not miss!

Rating- 4/5

Guest Review by Jigeesha Nayyar.


  1. hmm nyc review.
    i dun realy wtch bollywud stuff bt wke up sid is lyk close 2 my heart.... nyc feel-gud kind f film.. hitz all d right emotionz at d rite placez.. vei nyz direction.. ranbir kapur lukz n actz vei fyn...
    ritely deservz 4/5.

  2. well written review!! i luvd d moderacy in d expressions... neither being too critical nor being too appreciative... though m nt a muv freak bt aftr reading dis i realise i shud get d nxt shw tickets..

  3. well, its not actually a romcom so, its not like one. neway, 4s good i gess. :)

  4. a very accurate review. don't think it could have been put in a better way.
    the best part for me was that i could identify with the movie at many levels- the friend who gives advice to the careless one, the jealousy of seeing someone you love with someone else and not knowing why the anger, the tension before results, the struggle to stay up before the exam...the list will tell the movie..!!
    ayan mukherjee is hopefully going to continue making this kind of fun movies, don't seem to be able to get enough of it!!
    all in all a great review of a great movie!!